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Just the FAQ ma'am?

Q: What is this story about?

A: A whoooole lotta stuff but I guess the back of the video (if there were one) would read: "A few years after founding a new family in outer space after being flung through a wormhole a few years before (see the television series Farscape), John Crichton has seen all his plans and his new family undone. After trying his best to settle tampered realities, John returned to his roots, not seeking to go back but instead seeking a new life. But not everything can be left behind, fortunately for John Crichton, including a dear traveling companion...." From there on it's about life, misadventure and two frelled up people.

Q: Is this an AU (alternate universe) or crossover (combining elements from multiple shows) fic?

A: No. "Canon" applies.

Q: What ages are this story intended for?

A: This is the adult only version, equal to NC-17 at times though mostly mild. There is an edited R-rated version being posted at the fanfic section of GigiEnthusiasts bboard.

Q: When is this fic set in the Farscape story?

A: John & Bob picks up well after the series and Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars leave off. This picks up after a few more years of that famous Crichton luck.

Q: What happened between Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars and John & Bob?

A: That'll come out as relevant ;) There are enough bits, pieces and random thoughts to fill in a good idea of what took place.

Q: Do I have to know the whole Farscape series and Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars?

A: No. It'd help but you should be able to figure enough out even if you've only seen a few episodes. The most helpful would be "Nerve / Hidden Memory" "Through the Looking Glass" and maybe "Dog With Two Bones" to see John and Chiana's personality and John's relationships to Aeryn and Chiana prior to this story. "Who Is Who" page isn't meant to fill in those unfamiliar with Farscape but it might be a little help.

Q: Are any other Farscape characters going to come in?

A: Nothing's impossible ;)

Q: When is this story updated?

A: We've usually managed to add on a monthly basis. :)

Q: Is this a "shippy" fic?

A: Yes. It is not a John and Aeryn "ship" fic, however. There are also lots of other things that might be of interest to you besides the main relationship. Mostly it's the experience of the journey that is its own point.

Q: When was J&B started?

A: John & Bob was started 07/16/02

Q: What is the current status?

A: It is still being written and not near complete - so, it's a fine time to get on board as it continues its glacial pace forward. :) :) In more recent times it has generally been updated with a new page or pages once on or around the middle of every month.

Q: Who are the writers?

A: John & Bob was conceived and started by me, CheekyChi. Helpful brief early additions were made by EI (ExquisiteIrony) and ChianaGray. It has since been conceived and written by pipstheif and I. EI & chiana_pip have helped at times. At present I'm back to doing most of the writing with aid from EI & chiana_pip, with a great deal from pipsthief and myself to come. With luck you might be able to contact any of us at GigiEnthusiast forums and you can always try my contact form here on my site to reach me.

Q: Who owns the rights to this story?

A: We, the authors, claim this story, while Farscape and everything pertaining to it are the property of Jim Henson Company. We authors claim no rights to anything pertaining to Farscape and are making no profit. We'll gladly hand everything back when needed *g*

Q: I have another question for you.....

A: email and maybe i'll reply or add your question to the FAQ. Thank you & enjoy da livin'!

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