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hello :) I'm Gigi Neely, author also known as CheekyChi. The unique Chiana (played & largely created by another Gigi, the super talented Gigi Edgley) got me going on all this writing. I've been doing it for years now, by myself and with others similarly hit by EnerGigi.

On the left you can see the controls to take you explorin' without gettin' lost. You can discover more about Gigi Edgley, Chiana, Farscape, and find more stories too by goin' to the link page. Updates will show ya what might've been added since you've last visited. Ok!! Here's what's in my site so far....


The main feature, the latest and greatest, by myself and pipsthief -

John & Bob!

Short stuff (hey they call me that sometimes!) I finished years ago:


A Thief and a Pip

I Can Go Places You Can't

Chiana's Sungray

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